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Arunprasad Subramanian

I am a chess grandmaster based in Edison, New Jersey. I have played professional chess for about 22 years. I became a Grand master in 2008 in World Open International at Philadelphia, USA.
During my chess playing years I had chance to travel and play in 44 countries all over the world and to work with some of the best players in chess. Most importantly, my work with the former World Champion Viswanathan Anand. The long hours we spent working had a great impact on my chess understanding and the knowledge about the method of work adopted by the elite players.
I have been into chess teaching for over 5 year now. I enjoy working with my students and the great feeling I get to see them achieve their ambitions. Most notably Abhimanyu Mishra who made a world record in Nov 2019 to become the World’s youngest International Master and in June 2021 he set another world record by becoming world youngest Grandmaster.

Paris open Champion

World Rank #717

USCF rating 2634

Highest Elo 2570


Live Lessons

By registering get access to my live mentoring sessions online.Improve you tactics and puzzle solving techniques.

Online Tournaments

Online Tournaments will be conducted on a regular basis.Students can play from anywhere using the mobile

Share Games

Share your tournament games with the coach and get it annotated in a short while.Store your favourite games in respository

Blindfold chess

Blind fold chess helps the student to improve visual thinking and problem solving skills


Online regulated assignments are given online to boost the thinking capacity of the player.

Practice Positions

Set of positions are kept to play with engine. This feature helps the players to improve positional plays

Career Achievements

I believe in proper training method for the students to become stronger. I train my students with my curriculum which has been built over the years with proven success. I also understand that every player is different, and they need something unique rather than the same method for everyone.


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